Baby Ferret With One Eye and Ferret and Life Update

Episode 21 March 26, 2023 00:33:09
Baby Ferret With One Eye and Ferret and Life Update
Ferret Paradigm
Baby Ferret With One Eye and Ferret and Life Update

Mar 26 2023 | 00:33:09


Show Notes

What a title. Welcome to Ferret Paradigm! From  now on all episodes will be new and will be branded with Ferret Paradigm instead of Fauna Paradigm. The gorgeous cover art was by . 
This episode covers my life updates (including games I'm playing and books I'm reading) as well as updates on my ferrets, including some sad health news for Trixie. I also read out an email from my friend Jill who had 38 unexpected kits due to failed vasectomied hobs! One of her babies was/is very unique. 

Stolen Our Hearts is my website, it has links to the membership program, the Facebook page, the Instagram and Tiktok, the mailing list and some additional show notes which will be added to eventually I promise. You can also find the 3D printing links for my 1:12 ferret prints.

If you would like to email me, the email address is [email protected] I did say it wrong once in the episode. 

Fauna Paradigm is my other podcast, come and listen. The newest episode is about Sydney the Squirrel. Sydney is a disabled squirrel living his best life with his Dad. Then soon will be What's The Deal With Animals, Exotic Pet Facts, Roof Rats as pets, Keeping worms inside, another grief episode and an episode about how rat advice has changed lately. 

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