Interview with Unwanted Fuzz Ferret Rescue

Episode 4 October 08, 2022 00:18:48
Interview with  Unwanted Fuzz Ferret Rescue
Ferret Paradigm
Interview with Unwanted Fuzz Ferret Rescue

Oct 08 2022 | 00:18:48


Show Notes

I interview Carina from the Unwanted Fuzz ferret rescue near Ballarat in Victoria, Australia. I have got Quincy, Lucy, Trixie, Marie, Winnie and Wilbie from her. is my website. You can find my links to the Facebook Group, Mentor Program and other things there. is the link to the Unwanted Fuzz Facebook page. Find the information to the vet there for any donations, and to buy hammocks or to see which ferrets are available for adoption. 

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